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Commercial Use License

Commercial Use Options

Designs offered through the Store are protected by copyright and are owned by Dakkadon or its licensors. All digital designs are available for personal use. Some digital designs are also available for commercial use.

Commercial license options provide the ability to utilize the design within a commercialized setting so long as the design is not being redistributed in any digital file format. This means that commercial license owners are permitted to do the following:

Use the design to create physical projects that are in turn sold Incorporate the design into a digitally created image that is used for the purpose of displaying the image commercially (e.g. part of an advertisement)

Commercial license owners may not in any way redistribute or sell files in any format containing the commercial license image. Commercial license options do not provide any rights to adjust files and then claim them as original creations, thus bypassing the original copyright holder's ownership and rights.

Limited vs Full Use Options

Some content will be subject to Limited Use Commercial License, where the license will expire after a determined set of time. (for use in a theatrical production) 

Full Use option will give you permanent access to your digital content.

All Commercial License options include a personal use license and can freely be utilized for personal use as well. If a commercial license is unavailable for a design, that design is limited to personal use only. It is permissible for individuals to reproduce physical goods using personally licensed images for any individual, organization, or event, so long as it is not with the intent of re-sale purposes.

General Terms for Content Use

If a commercial license is unavailable for a design, then that design is limited to personal use only. It is permissible to create projects using non-commercially licensed images offered through the Silhouette Design Store for any individual, organization, or event so long as it is not with the intent of resale or other commercial purpose. Regardless of whether you purchase content for personal use or with a Commercial License, under no circumstances are you permitted to resell, give-away, or otherwise distribute any actual files associated with digital designs offered through the Dakkadon Store.

How to obtain

Commercial Use License options will be outlined on the listing's detail page. If you may add the listing to your cart to pay the required 5% deposit. This deposit is 100% refundable if you decide to not proceed further with your agreement. 

Once your deposit has been received, you will receive a full licensing agreement for your content via PDF. After signing and returning your agreement, you will receive full access to your licensed digital content.